About Us

BFY Brands is a global, diversified, better-for-you snack manufacturer directly addressing the growing consumer trends toward healthier living and eating.

“We’re devoted to quality and efficacy in all that we do. To live up to our BFY namesake, we don’t just promise, we commit to bringing the best in Better For You. It’s in the people we employ, the partners we choose and the products we make.” – Paul Nardone, CEO of BFY Brands

BFY Brands brings experience and quality to the forefront of better for you snack production. Our team of industry experts support research, production and retail CPG strategy.

Company History

BFY Brands was founded in Liberty, NY in 1998 under the production facility Ideal Snacks. Soon afterwards, their patented puffing technology was developed, leading to major facility expansion throughout the 2000s. In 2008, BFY Brands introduced PopCorners, beginning the branded side of the company. The production capabilities continued to expand over the next decade in both the brand and co-manufacturing, growing to include corn, rice, potato-based products, and multiple category pillars. In 2019, BFY Brands expanded its PopCorners platform to include Flex Protein Crisps and Flourish Veggie Crisps. Moving forward, BFY Brands aspires to continue to lead innovation in the better-for-you snacking category, making healthy snacking more accessible and more delicious for all.



The wholesome popped corn snack that is making it easier than ever to snack better. Check them out at a store near you.

Flex Veggie Crisps

Grain free, flavor-packed, air-popped crisps with 10 grams of plant-based protein to fuel your day. Check them out at a  store near you.

Flourish Veggie Crisps

A vegan snack you can feel great about, with real vegetables you can see and taste in every bite. Check them out at a  store near you.